Guardian Whiskers Inc.

Pet-Passionate Non-Profit Organization | Madison, Wisconsin

Guardian Whiskers Inc. is a non-profit pet-passionate organization in Madison, Wisconsin.

People & Their Pets

Guardian Whiskers promotes the healthy bond between pets and people. Our community programs improve the well-being of people and pets.

Pet interaction improves people’s physical, social and mental health. Pets receive health benefits from socializing with people too!

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Warm and fuzzies have health benefits too.
Studies show animal companionship improves overall wellness.

Learn more about the science.

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Relieve depression & stress

Accelerate heart attack recovery

Reduce allergy & eczema risk in children

Lower blood pressure

Guardian Whiskers Community Programs & Events

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Kiddos & Kitties | Madison-Area Literacy Program

Kiddos & Kitties Reading Program is an irresistible way to encourage literacy among children. We hope our program stirs up excitement for reading among kids (and pets) in the Madison community.

Research shows our relationship with pets improves human health and quality of life. The sound of a child’s reading voice comforts our kid-loving cats too!

Guardian Whiskers is looking for kitties who love kiddos. Contact us if you know just the cat, and we’ll send you more information.

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Taradiddle Young Writer Contests

Taradiddle is a youth writing program we created in 2019. The contests inspire youth ages 9-18 to write with fun animal-themed story prompts.

We utilize the magic of the human-animal bond to improve youth literacy and writing skills on an exciting, supportive platform. Learn to love writing with the support of this encouraging animal-positive organization.

Write original stories inspired by Taradiddle animal-themed writing contest prompts. Enter for a chance to win prizes and become a published young author!

Katarina Luther, DVM Founder of Guardian Whiskers Inc.

As a child, Katarina Luther was the student who begged to take home the classroom bird or guinea pig during breaks and was the first whom neighbors would call for pet sitting while on vacation. Her draw to caring for animals naturally led her to jobs such as pet store help, polo horsegroom, veterinary assistant, dairy farm crew, and even a snail colony manager in a research lab.

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Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Org.

All donations to Guardian Whiskers Inc. will improve the wellbeing of domesticated pets in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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