Kiddos & Kitties | Madison-Area Literacy Program

Kiddos & Kitties Reading Program develops a lifelong love of reading. Benefit from the power of pets in a cat-cozy, supportive environment.

About Guardian Whiskers and the Kiddos & Kitties Program

Guardian Whiskers works with parents, mentors, and instructors to help children build reading skills, motivation, and perseverance. Studies show animal companionship relieves stress and a kind, furry listener boosts confidence. Kids learning to read can reap the rewards of quality time with a selfless, non-judgmental, calming kitty.

A guardian, kiddo, and kid-loving kitty bond in a relaxing, quiet reading room. In the first session, a Kiddos & Kitties program member provides an introduction to kitty behavior and the best ways to interact with the feline reading buddy.

Our incentive program encourages kiddos to continue their new reading habits. Club members earn prizes by returning for regular reading sessions.

Kiddos & Kitties is geared for younger kids (ages 6-12) learning to read and who may benefit from quiet time reading with a cat, especially if they don’t have a pet of their own. Add a kitty to your kiddo support team.

Kiddos & Kitties Reading Session Details

Guardians can schedule FREE 30 minute reading sessions. These take place at the Cat Care Clinic at 1006 East Washington Avenue, within the Lyric Building. Allow one hour for registration at your first session.

Sign up a child up for the Kiddos & Kitties Program

Interested in having a special kid in your life enjoy reading with a cat? Please fill out the form below to get started!

* All children under 18 must have adult consent to participate in the Kiddos and Kitties program

Sign Up to Become a Program Volunteer

We’re looking for kid- and cat-loving people to help with Kiddos and Kitties sessions. After training, this involves chaperoning the reading session to make sure both the kiddo and kitty are comfortable and content. Make a lifelasting difference in a child’s life.

Sign up Your Cat to Help Kiddos

Guardian Whiskers is looking for kitties who love kiddos. Email us if you know just the cat, and we’ll send you more information. 

Why read to cats?

Research shows our relationship with pets improves human health and quality of life. The sound of a child’s reading voice comforts our kid-loving cats too!

Program Support

Special thanks to the Francie Luke Silverman Foundation for their support of Guardian Whiskers Inc. and their community efforts to support literacy for children.

Liability Waivers

Waivers will also be sent to you after signing up for your session. 

Questions about the program?

Call Dr. Katarina Luther at (608) 957-7441 or email [email protected]