Kiddos & Kitties Reading Program

Kiddos & Kitties Reading Program develops a lifelong love of reading. Benefit from the power of pets in a cat-cozy, supportive environment.

(The Kiddos & Kitties Reading Program is on a temporary hold for now. Please stay tuned for when it becomes available.)

About Guardian Whiskers and the Kiddos & Kitties Program

Guardian Whiskers works with parents, mentors, and instructors to help children build reading skills, motivation, and perseverance. Studies show animal companionship relieves stress and a kind, furry listener boosts confidence. Kids learning to read can reap the rewards of quality time with a supportive, non-judgmental, calming kitty.

A guardian, kiddo, and registered therapy kitty bond in a relaxing, quiet reading room. In the first session, a Kiddos & Kitties program member provides an introduction to kitty behavior and the best ways to interact with the feline reading buddy.

Our incentive program encourages kiddos to continue their new reading habits. Club members earn prizes by returning for regular reading sessions.

Kiddos & Kitties is geared for younger children (ages 5-12) learning to read and who may benefit from quiet time reading with a cat, especially if they don’t have a pet of their own. Add a kitty to your kiddo support team.

Kiddos & Kitties Reading Session Details

Currently, the Kiddos & Kitties reading program is not regularly scheduled. However, please let us know if you are interested in scheduling a 20-minute reading session with a therapy cat (or guinea pig) – and we will look into making it happen!

Why read to cats?

Research shows our relationship with pets improves human health and quality of life. The sound of a child’s reading voice comforts our kid-loving cats too!

Questions about the program?

Call (608) 886-8849 or email [email protected]